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Bedsore cushion AMOVIDA

Motion Comfort+ AV500

Combining all the innovative features of Amovida Motion, the cushion pad in Motion Comfort+ also incorporates an ingenious temperature-balancing material that helps regulate the user’s body temperature.

Comfort and care - the foam base, combined with Amovida’s unique light fluid, provides the perfect foundation for ideal seating stability and optimum comfort.  Freshness and balance – the surface of the cushion contains a layer of 3D mesh, guaranteeing air circulation to help regulate temperature and prevent moisture build-up.

Shock absorption – the foam base absorbs shocks and vibrations from the ground and the wheelchair, protecting the user’s back and spine.  Ease of use – no fitting or adjustment needed; just place in position and use straight away.

Climate control – unique phase change material from Outlast® stores heat when body temperature rises, releasing it gradually when the body cools, for optimum temperature balance